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What's The Cost?
How much are you prepared to pay in interest?

To buy, or not to buy

This is the answer

The book Geek Logik by Garth Sundem attempts to break down a number of every day decisions into mathematical equations. It's an interesting read, and as I like numbers, I thought I'd include his "Should I buy it" equation here. I take no credit for the actual equation, but hopefully this calculator will help you make a purchase desicion!

Should I buy it?
Here is what infomation we need to work out this equation:
WIN[M(S - B - R) + $b]= B

WHow much do you want this thing?
NHow much do you need it?
IIs it a good investment?
MHow long have you wanted it?
(S - B - R)How much money do you have left at the end of each month?
(Note that I've combined this from (S - B - R), which originally was (Salary - Bills - Rent)
$ (Enter a negative figure if you always run out of money!)
$bWhat is your current net worth in bank and credit cards?
$ (Enter a negative figure if you're in debt)
$iHow much is the thing you want to buy?

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