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What's The Cost?
How much are you prepared to pay in interest?


  • Who?
    A developer and reader of The Motley Fool.

  • Why?
    I'm a regular reader of The Motley Fool UK web site, an excellent site which gives practical and easy to understand advice about all types of financial products. The Motley Fool includes a number of discussion boards inhabited by people who trade ideas, advice and experience on all matter of topics.

    A number of people from the Credit Card discussion board on the Motley Fool make "free" money by borrowing on 0% credit cards and using the money they borrow to earn interest in savings accounts or to offset their mortgage. This activity has become known as "Stoozing" (see stoozing.com for more information).

    As a "stoozer" myself, I wanted to create an program to calculate the benefits of Stoozing. I therefore created a on-line "Stoozing" calculator which became quite popular. With this in mind, I decided to expand the site to cover calculators to help with other types of financial planning.

    I'm also a developer, and wanted to have a play with something written in .net and DHTML (why?).

  • What?
    Various tools to calculat interest on loans, credit cards, mortages, savings etc. If you have any ideas about other calculators to add here, please drop me a line.

  • Where?
    Bristol, UK

  • Additional
    Something I get asked quite often is whether or not I'm available for work!

    The short answer is "no". I'm currently in a job I enjoy. However, I do take on occasional freelance work, time and enjoyment permitted. My CV is available on request.

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