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Public Snowballs

Show others how well you're reducing your debt!

If you've created an account, and saved your snowballs at whatsthecost.com, you can now show others how well you're doing in your battle to reduce your debt!

Obviously, by default, no one else can see your snowballs. However, if you want to, you can now mark a saved snowball as "public".

This means you'll be able to share a web address with others, which will give an overview of your starting debt, the amount you've managed to pay off, your outstanding debt, and your debt free date.

If you run a blog or website you'll also be able to add a box into your webpage which tells everyone when your Debt Free Date will be. It will look something like this:

It's important to note that your snowballs are still private by default. If you wish to make use of this feature you must first set your snowball to public access (Edit your snowball and set "Allow others to view my snowball" to "Yes).

For more information, login to your whatsthecost.com account, go to your "My Snowballs" page, and click on the "What's This?" link at the bottom of each snowball.

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